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5 Best Design Feedback and Annotation Tools for Designers

1. TinyNote

Tiny Note is one of the leading design feedback tool that you can use online. Here are its features.

  • It's free. This is a tool that help you get annotated feedback on your visuals from your team member or client for free.
  • There is no barrier to entry. You can upload your creative visuals right from the homepage.
  • It's Smooth and intuitive.
  • No login, registration or credit card is required.

2. ProofHub

ProofHub is a project management tool that also has a design feedback feature. It's a comprehensive tool for managing the projects. You need to register and purchase a subscription in order to start using this tool. The pricing starts at $50 a month.

3. Filestage

Filestage is another alternative for design feedback tools. It accepts different type of files such as videos, images, audios and PDFs. The Starter plan for this web application is $89 a month. Users need to register before jumping in to the projects.

4. RedPen

Redpen is a plain tool to review visuals within a team of designers. It is neat and clean. It is possible to invite unlimited reviewers but you need to pay for the number of active projects you have. However, there is no free plan and the pricing starts at $20 a month.

5. Prevue

Prevue is tool for photographers and designers. It is a well done web application that allows you for commenting and annotating in all your image files. Even though it is affordable but the base plan starts around $10 a month.